Easter in Charlotte, NC

Family Brunch

Easter is always a fun time of the year. Spring has sprung, the days are sunny, and my birthday is right around the corner. Since moving down South, the weather always reminds me of spring-breaks down in Kiawah Island. As a boy, my family, my cousins, and other family friends all made the trip down south. It was awesome. I went there for a brief weekend last year, and am looking forward to going back!er fa

Anyway…… This year, My parents drove in from Toledo, and my sister and her boyfriend flew in all the way from Seattle. We spent most the weekend eating, drinking, and having a good time. A pipe burst in our apartment which was a minor ordeal, but looking back, all you can do is laugh about it :-)

My sister also brought her new puppy, Roscoe. He’s half chiwawa, half weener-dog. She says he’s a “Chi-Weenie”. He’s one of the smallest dogs I’ve ever seen!


Sunday was spent eating and drinking once again. Roo & Rupp even made the trip over for a large Easter dinner. To top things off, Christie’s folks came into town on Monday. All the visitors really helped Easter feel like we were at home… Hope yours was enjoyable as well!

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