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Big Changes in SEO … Is the world coming to an end?

It all started a couple days ago when a colleague sends along an email, telling me about how this company called iAcquire just got busted big-time by this lil search engine called Google. Now with all the updates with Penguin and Panda (and possibly a new animal being released on us soon), quite a few emails like this are passed around. To be honest, I didn’t even really read this one all the way through…

… Until all hell broke loose.

Turns out this other reputable SEO agency called iAcquire was doing some blogger outreach, and got a little too aggressive with one of their prospects. I’m not going to go into all the details, but if you’re curious, check out this crazy article that explains everything. Long story short, the blogger got annoyed with the guy from iAcquire, and busted their entire ‘paid-link-building-scheme’…

But was it really a scheme? It looked eerily similar to some things I’ve done in the past. Myself and my co-workers have put a large focus on abiding by Google’s Link-Building Guidelines (Google, I hope you see this to know that we’re one of the good guys!), but we were quite surprised to see Google’s retaliation, by completing banning them from their search results. Very rarely does this ever happen! It has caused quite the buzz in the SEO world…

So what was iAcquire doing? They were buying links, specifically asking bloggers to make them ‘do-follow’, offered compensation, and requested that the post did not say anywhere on there that it was ‘sponsored’. These are all big ‘no-no’s’ to Google.

Google’s also been busy on other fronts, keeping us on our toes. Specifically…
- De-indexing and reevaluating popular online ‘directories’
- Combining Google+ with Google Places (which I predicted back in October, and I’m glad they made this change, even though it’s going to be a little bit of a pain to update everything).

As many black-hat SEO’s are running in fear, I’m happy to see these changes. This will allow truly talented internet marketing specialists to really shine, and get more creative on strategies to create stronger online presence for their clients. I say bring it on Google……

Carolina’s Christian Business Summit

The first Carolinas’  Christian Business Summit will be on Friday, March 16th at the Broadcast Group, in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Come here a fantastic list of guest speakers, including Jim Morgan, CEO of Krispy Kreme, and network with some of the finest business professionals in the Charlotte area!

I will also be speaking on Search Engine Optimization Strategies.
To view my presentation, click here!

Atlanta, GA & Old Friends


Over the past weekend, Christie, Roo, and myself set off on a road-trip, to visit our old friend Jenny. Jenny has been living in Atlanta since we all graduated from The University of Dayton. Roo and I went to kindegarten with her, and Christie went to high-school with her. We’ve been friends for years, but it’s been about a year since we went and last visited, so it was long overdue!

The weather worked turned out to be perfect. We spent Friday night just hanging out at Jenny’s, playing some of our old ‘college-day’ video games (such as Mario Party). Saturday we spent the entire day at Piedmont Park, in which ‘Lucky Fest’ was going on. Saturday night we went to a couple different bars and resteraunts, and got a good ‘tour’ of Atlanta. ATL is actually a pretty big city (a little too big for my liking). It was a great day and even better mini-vacation!

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