What to do in Cameron Villlage?

Cameron Village is one of Raleigh North Carolina’s treasures. A planned community, it combines a unique shopping experience, charming single family homes, and lovely apartments into one neighborhood. Dating back to the 1940’s, it takes one back to a simpler day and time with its tree lined streets and country styling.

The shopping center of Cameron Village is loved by residents and visitors alike. In a day when most of the shopping is done in cluttered indoor malls, Cameron Village is a unique experience. The many shops, restaurants, and cafes will enchant guests. Stores here include home decorating, jewelry, gifts, collectables, and antiques. The dining choices range from simple fast food to fine dining.

Cameron Village Raleigh NC

The collection of single family homes and apartments makes living at Cameron Village ideal. Residents here will not have to sacrifice modern amenities for traditional styles. On the outside the homes and apartments look as quaint and charming as they always have, but inside they are equipped with all of today’s modern conveniences.

Location is a key factor in Cameron Village. A short drive from North Carolina State University makes this area ideal for students. One is also close to the city of Raleigh, and with the Cameron Village shopping center onsite, it is quick and easy to grab a bite to eat.

Cameron Village is a place where residents will enjoy the neighborly atmosphere, along with plenty of activities they can join in. It is not unusual to see friendly groups gathered on the sidewalks for a visit or strolling through the shops. Many residents like to attend the various sporting events held at the nearby Brighton High School, and the newly renovated Cameron Village Library is a favorite spot for both students and community groups. For those who are looking for a little nightlife, that can be found on Glenwood Avenue.

Cameron Village is a wonderfully appointed community that combines shopping and dining with an excellent place to call home. With modern amenities, plenty of activities, and a neighborly atmosphere it is easy to see why so many enjoy it.

Poppin New Year’s Eve Parties in Charlotte NC

There’s no place quite like downtown Charlotte North Carolina when it comes to welcoming in the New Year. The city comes alive with celebrations to suit any personality. Choose which sounds like your kind of bash, and let the party begin.


First Night is a New Year’s Eve blast that over takes the city. Spread across the NASCAR Hall of Fame, The Green, and the Charlotte Convention Center’s outdoor terrace, this party culminates at the main stage on Levine Avenue of the Arts. Laugh with comedians, dance to the musicians, and be amazed by the magician’s tricks. This alcohol free event starts with a celebration geared towards the children from noon to 5:00PM. By 8:00 things kick into party mode for the adults who are welcoming in the new year at midnight.

Looking for something more sophisticated than a street party? Try Ritz Carlton’s New Year’s Eve Party in the Sky. Located on Agua Lounge’s crystal deck, enjoy four hours of music drink, and dancing against the spectacular backdrop of the Charlotte skyline at night.

Ever think about celebrating the New Year with a flashback to the past? If so, the Back to the Future Bash at the Breakfast Club is just for you. If that sounds like a reference to the greatest movies of the 80’s, you’ve got the right idea. This retro celebration allows guests to dance the year away to 80’s and 90’s music well into the night. Spread over three levels, you’ll have the time of your life remembering days gone by, while looking to the future. Midnight arrives with a champagne toast under a shower of confetti.

These are only a small sample of the wonderful New Year’s celebrations one can expect to find in the downtown Charlotte area. No matter which one you choose, families, couples, and singles alike will have a fabulous evening.

For a complete list of fun parties and activities, be sure to check out:

Hayward TigerShark Pool Cleaner… An Honest Review

Christie loves this new robotic pool cleaner so much, she actually wanted to write post! I will admit, it’s kinda crazy to watch in action!


Hayward TigerShark QC RC-9990Product Review – Hayward TigerShark QC RC-9990
As you may know, Joey and I have recently purchased our first home! It has been a lot of fun putting our own touches on the house and doing little projects to make the home our own. I have noticed that Joey and I naturally took ownership of certain areas of the home. For instance, Joey takes the trash out and cuts the grass – two things you will never find me doing. I took ownership of maintaining the pool – a task I thought I would do well at given my, at times anal, attention to detail. Although our previous home owners left most pool accessories for us, they did not leave us with a vacuum or cleaning device for the bottom of the pool and I quickly learned that this is essential to keeping a clean pool.

I immediately did what I do every time that I want to make a large purchase – RESEARCH! I started off with some family members that are seasoned veterans when it comes to pools and they recommended the TigerShark QC RC-9990

I then spoke with an employee at our local pool store who also recommended this product. The pool cleaner was slightly out of the budget my husband gave me, but I had a feeling this was the way to go. Through my research, I found that I could get this product significantly cheaper online as opposed to purchasing it from the local pool store. I was hesitant to make such a big purchase online but I could not be any happier that I did! I love our new Tiger Shark!

Hayward TigerShark

There are so many reasons why the TigerShark QC RC-9990
is the perfect pool cleaner for us…

1. Decease in time you spend cleaning the pool – While there is a slightly higher investment upfront, the amount of time spent down the road is significantly decreased. All you have to do is toss the Tiger Shark in the pool and press on. It literally does everything else for you!

2. There are two settings – a quick cycle (90min) and a longer cycle (3 hours). Having the option to choose cycles is great because if the pool is in good shape, you can do the quick cycle and minimize energy used. However, if the pool needs a little more TLC, you can use the longer cycle and feel confident that at the end of the cycle, the pool will be looking better than ever.

Tigershark with Cart3. It runs independently of our filter – This helps prolong the life of the filter, which can be one of the more costly items to replace in terms of pools. It also allows you to use the skimmer while you are using the robotic cleaner. So you are not losing the function of the skimmer while you run the robotic cleaner.

4. Light weight and easy to store – I “splurged” and spent a couple extra bucks to buy a TigerShark that comes with a caddy. This was a GREAT idea. The caddy stores the pool cleaner, power source, and 55ft cable in a neat and compact manner. It also has wheels that make it very easy to wheel the caddy from the garage to the pool whenever I want to use the Tiger Shark.

Controls for Tigershark5. Easy to use – I am not the most technically advanced person and was a little concerned about my ability to use this cleaner. My fear was alleviated after my first use when I realized that it could not be easier to use. All you have to do is drop the robotic cleaner in the pool, plug the opposite end of the chord into the power source, and chose the cycle you want. It automatically turns off when it is done so you can run the cleaner over night or while you are at work without having to worry.

6. It came with a 3 YERAR WARRANTY – I thought a perk of buying the TigerShark from a pool store was that you would get a warranty. However, the TigerShark QC RC-9900 comes with a 3 year warranty which was actually better than the 1 year warranty offered by my local pool store.

7. Capability to clean floor, walls, and stairs – Some pool cleaners struggle to climb walls and stairs. The TigerShark does not. It easily scales the walls of our pool in both the deep end and shallow end. It even knows when it is out of the water and while climb back down the wall.

Now check it out in action!

As you can see there are several things about the TigerShark that I love and I honestly can not think of a negative thing about it. It might be a little more costly upfront but it is worth every penny!

Kenny Chesney – Sing ‘em Good My Friend

Joey’s Jam of the Week


Honestly, Honesty Never Goes Out of Style, So Sing the Truth My Friend

This has quickly made it’s way to the top of my “Best of Best” on our Spotify playlist. Big fan of Kenny Chesney, even bigger fan of this song.

Took me a couple listens to figure out exactly what the song is about, but in short, it’s about learning to deal with death, and accepting the fact that it’s going to make us sad, but not to dwell, and to move forward.

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