What’s Going On?!?!

Times are a changing, and I am now feeling compelled to finally put together my long-awaited ‘thinkr.org’ project…

Now, if you are reading this, you may be thinking, “why does Joey have a blog… what is he going to blog about?” Some of you may think it’s a good idea because you think I’m a funny guy, and some might think I must have nothing else better to do than to sit here and blog all day.

Well, there’s really a couple reasons for developing this site…

  1. Have you ever heard of a ‘Mommy Blogger’? It’s basically a stay-at-home mom, who hops on her computer for a couple hours during the day, and blogs about anything (and I mean anything). They build up powerful blogs, and before you know it, you have marketing representatives contacting you, offering you cash to blog about their products. It’s a pretty sweet gig. Don’t believe me?! I’ve been paying these chicks about 5K / month for the past 2-months and I can’t believe it. It’s sweet. My goal is to build-up this site, and when Christie gets knocked-up, she can take over and hopefully we can generate some revenue.
  2. I’ve taken on a couple new business ventures. I started working for Ephricon in August, but kept Stonefish Marketing on the side, to help out some of my favorite, smaller, local clients. I have also been serving on the board for the Charlotte Christian Chamber, and Autism Speaks, which require some type of ‘web presence’ that I don’t always have access to. Lastly, I officially launched Think ‘ R’ last week, and rather then building it’s own site, I decided to just merge all of these into one mega-site.
  3. Life’s short. It could just be me getting older, or the fact that I’m a huge computer geek, or a wonderful mixture of the two. I was thinking about how cool it would be if my grandpa, Francis ‘The Judge’ Restivo, had a blog, and wrote about his life. It’d be great to know what life was like for him and my grandma in the 1960′s. Well, this might not be much, but if I ever have grandkids, they can now have a glance of what life was like in 2012 (before the end of the world!)

I’m going to try to update the blog on a regular basis. If you ever have anything you would like for me to talk about (because I think it will be a lot about Christie, Cowboy, Stella, and SEO), just holler at your boy….

Peace & Love

New Clients

Here’s a couple great clients I began working with…

Reeves, Aiken, & Hightower LLP
Based in Fort Mill, SC, with offices in Columbia, SC, and Charlotte, NC, this law firm has a team of experienced attorneys can help you with any cases related to nursing home abuse, workers compensation, DUI/DWI’s, brain injury, or any type of personal injury lawsuit.

Mid-Atlantic Door Group, Inc.

Todd S. Unger Esq., LLC
Located in Mt. Laurel, NJ, this tax attorney is conveniently located to Philadelphia, PA, and southern New Jersey. If you need help with unfiled tax returns, IRS installment agreements, or an IRS audit, contact tax lawyer Todd Unger today!

Azman Color Color Vision Specialists
Dr. Thomas Azman has founded the Color Correction System, the world’s first guaranteed treatment for colorblindness. Visit our site to take a free colorblind test, to determine if you are in fact colorblind. By using patented color correction contact lenses, this system has a 100% success rate in passing the Ishihara Color Plate Test.

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