How to Hone Creative Thinking Skills

Creativity is inherently mysterious. We can give it a definition, or we can agree on specific benchmarks of creativity, but we can never accurately ascertain its very essence. We can practice it or, at the very least, aim for it, but we can never easily standardize creative thinking and its requisite triggers.

aaaaAlthough we are able to eventually recognize a creative or masterful work—the brainchild of an individual who has suddenly received a stroke of brilliance—we will never be able to pinpoint the exact course of such creative force or inspiration. In some ways, this apparent carelessness on our part with regards to where creativity truly lies and how it pursues its own progress is quite beneficial to humanity—at least we are able to enjoy and appreciate its ephemeral quality, as opposed to getting lulled by its permanence.

Now the question is, is it possible to consciously trigger creative thinking? While others are more inclined to believe that creative thinking comes in a whimsical fashion to individuals who are more blessed than others, it is best to still keep a certain degree of optimism that creativity can be learned and nurtured. Especially if one belongs to a competitive organization running a high-stake business, consistent creative thinking is an essential competence that cannot be relegated into a mere chance or coincidence.

One way to trigger creative thinking is to feel dissatisfied or restless toward the current standards. Just because something regarded as ‘familiar’ has existed for the longest time does not mean it should be ignored. The more constructive way to deal with an unsatisfactory routine, situation, practice, or idea, is to gain full awareness of it. It is only when one is already equipped with a keen perception of current realities when he or she is able to fashion novel means to see these realities, en route to creating a new set of belief systems aimed at augmenting what is present and what may very well be obsolete.

They key to creative thinking is to consciously allow oneself to assess points of interests from different perspectives. This would be one way that participants develop creative thinking skills For example, within the context of a professional environment, organizational roles, rules, and functions can be reevaluated using multiple vantage points, and through exhaustion of perceptions from employees hailing from all possible backgrounds. Through this process, stakeholders—leaders and managers specifically, can then delineate which systems deserve to be maintained and which ones ought to be re-tailored or, at the very least, reinforced.

Furthermore, adequate processing of ideas is crucial to the process of creative thinking. It is not enough to collect new insights and perspectives. The more challenging task is determining which of these actually has the most potential, hence should be developed. This step entails using reliable references such as available data, with utmost objectivity.

In the end, creativity begins with a deliberate effort to think creatively. Once an individual develops a habit of thinking driven by a potent sense of purpose and with hopes for greatness, creative thinking can then become an exercise of acquired competence. We have seen mankind’s greatest innovators begin from scratch and eventually reap the rewards of their persistent creativity. It is about time we jump into the fray.

Author Information:
Nicholas Hill, a modern thought leader, and international Trainer of strategic leadership skills and management development, the Managing Director and Principal Trainer for The Hill Consultancy Ltd.

When Attracting Top Talent, Focus on Your Company, Not Their Alternatives

Start-ups exist because confident, determined individuals see a different way of doing things.  It’s this difference that defines the organization through its culture and offerings.  As start-ups grow there will be an inevitable need to bring in brighter minds than the status quo, in an effort to push the innovation onward and up.

However, alluring the brightest possible minds can be a daunting task, but the potential candidates don’t need to know.  In business school we are told time and time again how the interview is time for the interviewee to ask just as many questions as the interviewer.  So, as the interviewer, it’s important to be ready for these questions.  If none are asked, then the decision is easy — not the right person.  When they are, the real interview can begin.  In discussions, don’t pay attention to the candidate’s alternatives; they are coming to be wooed by you and your organization.

Joey RestivoAvoid giving their alternatives free press.  The candidate will know more about their alternative organizations than you do.  If they are worth hiring, that particular research has been done, and they will see weakness in you making a point to belittle their options.  They are giving you the time of day to hear about your company, your products, and your story.  Even if they pose the question of why should I work for you as opposed to the other guys? Keep the focus on you, and how you believe they should work for you.  In business, such as in life, there will always be another who can offer more.  So comparing yourself to all the others will surely leave you beat.  Be proud of what you have accomplished and demand potential candidates share in your passion and resilience.

Let them walk away; see how they perform in uncertainty.  If the interview had too much focus on the options they’re toiling over, then they walk away knowing the upper-hand is theirs.  Keep the conversations on working for you and the fit you’re looking for within your company.  Then they’ll know you’re determined to find the best, brightest person – the upper hand is now yours.  They’re now uncertain if you’ll be calling, if they are determined to work in your culture, they will reach back out.  There will be follow-up questions and further discussions on what the role at hand consists of.  Make sure they are as enthusiastically committed to the difference as you are.  Hiring someone should be for the long-term success of the individual and the organization.  If you don’t do your due diligence in the beginning and see how their tenacity and drive plays out, then you will have set you, them, and the organization up for a failed and often miserable experience.  Be patient, be proud, and be primarily focused. – Turn your Smartphone into a Jazz Jukebox


The sounds of trumpets, Broadway music, the double bass and the saxophone have all contributed to the world of music history. They played an instrumental role in laying the foundation for classic rock musicians and modern blues artists. Unfortunately, the popularity of this form of music been buried in the past and in dusty vinyl records. Not many people are privy to the classy and soulful tunes that made jazz musicians the musical geniuses of the olden days.

Over the years however, an enthusiastic community of jazz music revivalists have sought to rekindle the passion for this criminally underrated form of music.

Thanks to the power of technology, the app brings the magic of your favorite jazz tunes and legendary artists to your smartphone. There’s nothing a session of mellow jazz melodies can’t fix for someone, be it their Monday blues or cheering up a patient undergoing suboxone addiction treatment.

It is currently one of the highest ranked apps and has the most popular network for jazz music on smartphones.

Getting Started

The app allows you to choose from a selection of over 30 radio stations dedicated to multiple forms of jazz that will make both casual listeners and genre connoisseurs rejoice.

Every single channel is handled by absolute professional radio jockeys and experts in the field who know jazz music in and out. This precision gives them the capability to stream the best music and garner votes and credibility from critically acclaimed jazz music professionals.

Here is a list of some of the most popular radio channels offered by the They cover a wide variety of sub-genres in jazz music such as:

    • - Bass jazz
    • - Bebop
    • - Blues
    • - Blues rock
    • - Classic jazz
    • - Guitar jazz
    • - Holiday jazz
    • - Piano jazz
    • - Saxophone jazz
    • - Sinatra style
    • - Smooth jazz
    • - Swing
    • - Timeless classics
    • - Trumpet jazz
    • - Vocal legends

The interface of the app is fantastically designed and has a primarily lush red color theme with three primary tabs:

    • - Channels
    • - Community
    • - Premium

How to Use the JazzRadio.Com App?

On opening a particular channel, you get to see the song being played and the past 5 songs that were just played. You can save your favorite channels in order to instantly listen to only the channels you prefer to hear. If you want to multi-task while using the app, you have the option to listen to the radio in the background screen. You can control the volume even when your device screen is locked.

Fall asleep to your favorite jazz tunes, whether you prefer instrumental or vocal pieces, by setting a timer and falling gently off to sleep. Setting a timer ensures that the music isn’t playing endlessly, and this helps save your data usage. To further conserve data, use the Wi-Fi only option. Check out the optional buffer bar that shows you data usage so you can continuously keep a track of it.

photo credit: Tom Marcello via photopin cc

What is the Problem with Using a Breathalyzer?

bAcross the nation, it is illegal for anyone to operate a moving vehicle if the concentration of alcohol in their blood, or Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), is above 0.08%. Law Enforcement in all 50 states is cracking down on those driving under the influence to ensure safety on our roads. A valuable tool they use to weed out the drunk drivers is the breathalyzer. However, recent studies have shown the measurement of what they are exhaling into the device may not be as accurate as it should be.

There are various elements that can play a part in a miscalculation of a breath test. Things such as a bad battery, an excited amount of breathing, or even a recent burp can throw off an individual’s actual BAC. Research is starting to show that any of these contributing factors could determine whether someone goes home on their own or in the back of a patrol car.

Rate of metabolism

The rate at which a human body absorbs alcohol is different for everyone. Some people may have a lower alcohol metabolism, meaning that their body may still be trying to absorb the alcohol they just ingested, which causes them to give off a higher BAC reading. If someone does in fact get tested while their body is still absorbing their last drink, it could cause them to blow out an invalid reading on their test. This in turn could play a part in whether or not they have a DUI on their record.


How a person breathes can play a significant role in the different alcohol levels they will show in a breathalyzer test. For example, if someone were to hold their breath for 30 seconds, it would cause the device to give off a higher reading than what is actually in their system. On the contrary, if a person were to breathe heavily almost to the point of hyperventilation they may have a significant drop in their BAC reading. Research has shown that breath tests can vary up to 15% from the actual Blood Alcohol Content.

Residual alcohol in the mouth

If someone has taken their last drink within a short period of time, they may have residual alcohol lining the inside of their mouth. This causes their reading to be much higher than the amount that is truly exhaled by their lungs. Other substances that contain small amounts of alcohol like mouthwash, breath fresheners and flue/cold medicine can also play a part in a Breathalyzer giving off a false reading.

Belching, hiccupping, or vomiting

Much like having residual alcohol in the mouth, these natural reactions from your body can also throw off a breathalyzer test, making it seem that you have been drinking more than you did. Attorneys have pointed out that if any of these have occurred within 20 minutes of being tested, you may have a misleading concentration of alcohol vapors in your mouth that will give out a higher than normal reading.


The majority of Breathalyzers need to be re-calibrated every six to twelve months to ensure that their reading is as accurate as possible. However, a failure to do so for an extended period of time can cause the device to give a skewed reading. Low batteries in the device can also produce inaccurate readings.

Drinking and driving is of course a problem. However, getting arrested for an inaccurate reading on a breathalyzer test is also a problem. An errant mistake or a flaw in a number of variables can be the difference between you being home sound asleep or being put behind bars.

Sladen West is a freelance writer dedicated to helping others stay safe through general auto safety education and a good online defensive driving course.

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