Free Colorblindness Test

We recently discovered my co-worker, an adult male, was colorblind (funny for us, not for him)….

Doctors today are still using the Ishihara Color Blindness Test that consists of 38 circles that are patterned with dots. In the center of each circle, the color of the dots are shaded various colors to display a hidden number. If the person being tested fails to find the numbers in the circles then he or she would be considered as someone with a form of colorblindness.

While a large number of doctors use the test, only one has legit “treatment”. Dr. Thomas Azman has created the Color Correction System, which finds the missing wavelength of light to design color correct lenses for those who suffer from colorblindness, giving them the ability to see colors and pass the Ishihara Colorblind test! People travel from all over the world to receive Dr. Azman’s treatment and are always thrilled with the results.

Treatment is available from Dr. Thomas Azman of Azman Eye Care. Check out their website for a free color vision deficiency test.

Taste of Nation in Charlotte, NC

2013 Taste of Nation Charlotte, NC Scheduled for April 17

Charlotte NC Taste of NationLocal area residents who want the amazing opportunity of being able to sample food and beverage fare from some of the top Charlotte chefs, restaurants, culinary schools and wine and beer distributors are making sure they secure tickets to the 2013 Taste of the Nation Charlotte happening Saturday, April 17. The food and wine celebration is part of the national Share our Strength special event program whose mission is to ensure that no child in America goes hungry.

What makes this special experience so delicious is that participants not only enjoy an evening of socializing over the best food, wine, beer and mixed cocktails, but the price of their ticket also helps to end the ongoing problem of childhood hunger happening throughout America.

An entertaining Mixologist Bar is just one of the special features of the 2013 Taste of the Nation Charlotte event, which will also include live musical entertainment, both a silent and live auction of quality goods and services, and a chance to meet some of the most talented and successful professionals working in the hospitality industry in the Charlotte, NC area today.

The event is being held at Wells Fargo Center Atrium located at 301 South Tryon Street in Charlotte, with plenty of convenient parking available.

Charlotte Taste of NationTaste of the Nation participants can enjoy a special early bird preview beginning at 6 p.m. for a VIP ticket price of $100 per person or can purchase a General Event ticket for $85 per person with admission at 7 p.m. This fun and unique dining and wining experience is scheduled to last until 10 p.m. No one who considers himself an avid foodie or wants the chance to sample some of the finest cuisine Charlotte foodservice professionals have to offer will miss this annual event. Secure your ticket purchase today at


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