Stonefish Marketing

stonefish marketingI started Stonefish Marketing in the summer of 2010, while sitting in my living room, after a long day of fishing. What caused me to start this new business? After working for ebasedEVOLUTION for a year, an SEO agency, I decided it was time to ‘take things on my own’. I had a few prospects who were ready to commit to individual SEO Campaigns, so there was really just one more step… What should my new business be called?

Well, I wanted something cool (obviously). I wanted something that said “I’m a small fish in a big pond”. The ‘fish’ being my company, and the ‘pond’ being my competitors.

I was doing research on ‘small but lethal animals’, and kept coming across the ‘stonefish’.¬†As coincidental as can be, I was also watching one of my favorite shows, ‘Survivorman’. Les was stranded in Australia, and noted “better be careful walking around these waters… it’s a great breeding ground for stonefish, one of the deadliest animals in the sea.” After hearing that, it was a no-brainer, and BOOM, Stonefish Marketing was born!

What does Stonefish Marketing do?

Basically, I help small businesses develop a stronger online presence. This can be accomplished through various internet marketing strategies, but here are our areas of expertise…

Organic SEO
Also known as “Search Engine Optimization”, Joe Restivo can help your business claim top spots in search results for targeted keywords that will convert visitors to your site, into paying customers.

Social Media
There is a lot of buzz these days about ‘social media’. An important part of any internet marketing strategy is to have a company accounts on the worlds most popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Local Search
If your business is targeting a specific geographical region, we can help! By creating profiles in popular ‘local resources’, such as Google Places, Yellowpages, and Yelp, we will help attract local consumers to your business.

Website Development
Whether you need an all-new website, or just need help maintaining your existing site… we can help! Our developer, Brad Hokanson, specializes in creating cost-effective sites for small businesses.

For more information on how you can develop a stronger online presence for your business, contact me at