colorblindness test

Free Colorblindness Test

We recently discovered my co-worker, an adult male, was colorblind (funny for us, not for him)….

Doctors today are still using the Ishihara Color Blindness Test that consists of 38 circles that are patterned with dots. In the center of each circle, the color of the dots are shaded various colors to display a hidden number. If the person being tested fails to find the numbers in the circles then he or she would be considered as someone with a form of colorblindness.

While a large number of doctors use the test, only one has legit “treatment”. Dr. Thomas Azman has created the Color Correction System, which finds the missing wavelength of light to design color correct lenses for those who suffer from colorblindness, giving them the ability to see colors and pass the Ishihara Colorblind test! People travel from all over the world to receive Dr. Azman‚Äôs treatment and are always thrilled with the results.

Treatment is available from Dr. Thomas Azman of Azman Eye Care. Check out their website for a free color vision deficiency test.

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