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JazzRadio.com – Turn your Smartphone into a Jazz Jukebox


The sounds of trumpets, Broadway music, the double bass and the saxophone have all contributed to the world of music history. They played an instrumental role in laying the foundation for classic rock musicians and modern blues artists. Unfortunately, the popularity of this form of music been buried in the past and in dusty vinyl records. Not many people are privy to the classy and soulful tunes that made jazz musicians the musical geniuses of the olden days.

Over the years however, an enthusiastic community of jazz music revivalists have sought to rekindle the passion for this criminally underrated form of music.

Thanks to the power of technology, the JazzRadio.com app brings the magic of your favorite jazz tunes and legendary artists to your smartphone. There’s nothing a session of mellow jazz melodies can’t fix for someone, be it their Monday blues or cheering up a patient undergoing suboxone addiction treatment.

It is currently one of the highest ranked apps and has the most popular network for jazz music on smartphones.

Getting Started

The JazzRadio.com app allows you to choose from a selection of over 30 radio stations dedicated to multiple forms of jazz that will make both casual listeners and genre connoisseurs rejoice.

Every single channel is handled by absolute professional radio jockeys and experts in the field who know jazz music in and out. This precision gives them the capability to stream the best music and garner votes and credibility from critically acclaimed jazz music professionals.

Here is a list of some of the most popular radio channels offered by the JazzRadio.com. They cover a wide variety of sub-genres in jazz music such as:

    • - Bass jazz
    • - Bebop
    • - Blues
    • - Blues rock
    • - Classic jazz
    • - Guitar jazz
    • - Holiday jazz
    • - Piano jazz
    • - Saxophone jazz
    • - Sinatra style
    • - Smooth jazz
    • - Swing
    • - Timeless classics
    • - Trumpet jazz
    • - Vocal legends

The interface of the JazzRadio.com app is fantastically designed and has a primarily lush red color theme with three primary tabs:

    • - Channels
    • - Community
    • - Premium

How to Use the JazzRadio.Com App?

On opening a particular channel, you get to see the song being played and the past 5 songs that were just played. You can save your favorite channels in order to instantly listen to only the channels you prefer to hear. If you want to multi-task while using the app, you have the option to listen to the radio in the background screen. You can control the volume even when your device screen is locked.

Fall asleep to your favorite jazz tunes, whether you prefer instrumental or vocal pieces, by setting a timer and falling gently off to sleep. Setting a timer ensures that the music isn’t playing endlessly, and this helps save your data usage. To further conserve data, use the Wi-Fi only option. Check out the optional buffer bar that shows you data usage so you can continuously keep a track of it.

photo credit: Tom Marcello via photopin cc

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