Think ‘R’

About 2-years ago, my brother gave me one of his old t-shirts. The front was short and sweet, and said “Think ‘R’”. My friends always asked what it stood for. My response simple. I would quietly respond ‘think about it’.

What is Think ‘R’

Think R

In the winter of 2012, Joe Restivo started learning about the Affiliate Marketing game. Several of his colleagues have created websites geared towards certain products, but they weren’t exactly ‘selling the products’. Rather, they were directing people to, and got a commission for every product someone actually purchased on Amazon.

So I was thinking, well heck, I can do that. I have the skill-set and resources required for developing these type of sites. After doing some research, and a few consultations with experts and developers, I decided to go for it.


So, without further discussion, I proudly present to you,, the first of many affiliate sites to come!

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